【2022世界音樂節@臺灣】Alena Murang沙貝琴校園音樂沙龍

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人文藝術中心 風潮音樂

世界音樂節@臺灣(World Music Festival @ Taiwan)


Alena Murang 沙貝琴(Sape')音樂沙龍



地點:杏春樓一樓跨領域學院 i8 展演區







Alena Murang 阿蓮娜.沐塱

馬來西亞原住民(Dayak Kelabit)與義大利混血。阿蓮娜是婆羅洲首位沙貝琴(Sape )專業演奏與教學的女性,師承大師Mathew NgauSalomon Gau

僅管從未正式學習音樂,但她自幼向長輩學習音樂、舞蹈,使她立志成為自己文化的守護者。她與堂兄Joshua Maran試圖透過音樂的力量與科技的保存,串接自身母體文化,積極爭取大眾對砂拉越原民文化更多關注。


努力至今,阿蓮娜.沐塱Alena Murang一名已是婆羅州沙貝琴的代名詞,兼具美貌與智慧的她,更被喻為「婆羅州沙貝琴女神」,經常獲邀於世界各地音樂節演出,接受過多家媒體報導,如:國家地理悠人頻道(Nat Geo People)、亞洲新聞頻道(Channel News Asia),亞洲日經(Asian Nikkei Review)NPR廣播,BBC廣播,CBC新聞,探索頻道 (Discovery Channel)等。


Alena Murang is a Borneo-born Dayak-European living in Kuala Lumpur (Maylasia), who sings in the endangered language of Kelabit and Kenyah. Dayak are the native people of Borneo.

She is one of the first women to play the sape’, a lute instrument from Borneo tradionally (pre-1930s) reserved for male healers. Deeply influenced by the lives for her ancestors, coupled with influences of rock and folk, her shows are a journey of past and present, along the mighty Baram river that runs from the coast to the highlands of Borneo, through the world’s oldest rainforest. Alena is also a dancer, sape’ teacher and visual artist.

Alena Murang is a singer-song writer, the first professional female sape’ player, the sape’ is a stringed lute instrument from Borneo. She receives songs, music and stories from her Kelabit and Kenyah elders, and presents them in contemporary ways; also writing original songs. Alena was part of the revival movement of the sape’, 20 years ago, in the first batch of students from sape’ master & living heritage Mathew Ngau Jau. Now, she travels to festivals across the world sharing the music of her people.

Her first EP, Flight (2016), presents interpretations of traditional Kelabit and Kenyah songs. For Alena it was important to do this as there were just a handful of good quality digital recordings of these lesser known songs. Since then her self-produced music videos in collaboration with like-minded artists, have been selected for film festivals in different corners of the world. She was also a youth representative a the UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, and UNESCO Asia-Pacific for her work in intangible

cultural heritage.

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